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Jiangsu University had approved the international cooperation in the major project
In August 2009, China-Australia international cooperative major project s and platform of  " China-Australia Joint Research Center for Advanced opt-electrical Molecular Functional Materials " applied by Prof. Chi Zhang from Jiangsu university was jointly approved by Chinese Ministry of Science and  DIISR .
Since the beginning of 2008, Professor Zhang Chi called and presided over a number of young scholars and Distinguished Professor in Nanjing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Zhengzhou University to work with 6 prominent international scholars of Australian National University, and Monash University. They worked closely together in the interdisciplinary study field of molecular functional materials chemistry and nonlinear optical, and jointly applied for the international cooperative project" structure-oriented nano-scale metal clusters based modulation optical properties of molecular functional materials research: experiments, theory and application ", and based on this, they jointly declared international cooperation major project, i.e., China-Australia Joint Research Center for Advanced Opt-Electrical Molecular Functional Materials. Through the expert academic review, budget review, diplomatic relations and international policy review, the project eventually become the one of eight approved in the final project of 75 applications, meanwhile there were only two items which were permitted the establishment of the International Joint Research Centre in Australia's.
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