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Professor Zhang Chi research team won the award of the 11st five-year plan excellent team
In Jan. 2011, China-Australia Joint Research Center for Advanced Opt-Electrical Molecular Functional Materials was awarded the 11st five-year plan excellent team by the by the ministry of science and technology (MOST) of People¡¯s Republic of China.
During the period of 11st five-year plan, the research team has undertaken the national outstanding Youth Science Fund, National Natural Science Foundation, and the Ministry of education program for new century excellent as well as Ministry of personnel returned overseas students to science and technology projects merit funding priorities, was awarded the ¡°Blue Project¡± innovative team of Jiangsu Province. Especially since 2009, assumed the focus of international scientific cooperation projects and key areas of China-Australia international cooperation major platform project, the established ¡°China-Australia Joint Research Center for Advanced Opt-Electrical Molecular Functional Materials¡± has become the successful example of the national international cooperation and academic innovation. In five years, the research team has published a series of important innovative results in international leading academic journals of materials science and chemistry, including Adv Mater, Angew Chem Int Ed, Coord Chem Rev, Chem A Eur J, Cryst Growth Des and Cryst Eng Comm et al. and been concerned broadly by domestic and foreign academic peers.
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